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Final Prep: Coordinating The Wedding Week

Master The Final 12 Days of Wedding Planning

The key to a successful wedding day is a successful wedding week. And for the wedding week to be a success, you need a system in place to feel confident, prepared, and in control at every step. Inside this Playbook, you’ll learn our framework for a successful wedding week–also known as crunch time–where all your work for a client culminates. 

STEP-BY-STEP wedding week framework

canva swipe files including inventory log

30-day marketing plan



Master the final 12 days of wedding planning with this wedding week framework. 

The truth is most wedding weeks can feel anything but easy.

You're not alone if you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and even anxious the week of a wedding (it kinda comes with the territory of being a wedding planner). But the good news is it doesn’t have to be like that— and we have the tools to help you inside this Playbook.

By the end of this Playbook you will:

  • Understand what goals and priorities you should have for wedding week
  • Have a solid system for your wedding week
  • Feel confident in your wedding week process and system
  • Be able to train your team members on this process, ensuring everyone in your business works together
  • Sleep a little easier at night during wedding weeks, trusting you haven’t missed a thing
  • Canva swipe files for cash payments, cash receipts, and wedding inventory logs


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"As someone who felt like I had my process down, it’s evident there’s always room for improvement and I LOVE learning from you!!! "


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