Signature Full Service Wedding Planning Process

create a signature planning process for full-service couples

What should your full service planning process look like, and how can you make sense and order of the planning process when it’s so individualized for each couple? It can feel almost damn near impossible to create a process or system for planning that works for every client, scenario, venue, or budget. This Playbook takes up the challenge and delivers a plug n' play full service planning process.

seven phases of the planning journey


30-day marketing plan



It's time to stop winging it when it comes to the wedding planning process.

If you feel like your client journey for full-service clients is off the rails–and your process has no sense of cadence or timing, this Playbook will get you organized.

Inside this Playbook, I’m teaching you my framework for mapping out the client journey into planning phases, thereby creating a signature planning process for full service wedding planning.

By the end of this Playbook you will:

  • Set goals and intentions for your client’s journey
  • Group your client’s journey into easy to manage phases
  • Learn the seven critical phases of the planning journey
  • Provide a higher level of service to your full service clients
  • Create better systems and processes around each planning phase
  • Feel more organized and in control of the planning process
  • Communicate your signature planning process at every phase


"As someone who felt like I had my process down, it’s evident there’s always room for improvement and I LOVE learning from you!!! "


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