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Hi there! I’m Candice–your new tell it like it is business BFF.

I'm also a business coach, skincare junkie, and Bravo-holic living my best life on an island in the Caribbean. When I'm not binge-watching housewives or trying to keep my wrinkles at bay, you'll find me helping women in the wedding industry grow their business to new heights.


I was a wedding planner and designer at the top of my game, working with clients from all over the world.

I built my wedding planning and design business, Jubilee Events, from zero to six-figures in the first 2 years. Before selling my company in 2019 (to focus full-time on mentoring visionary wedding pros like you), my team and I worked with hundreds of clients all over the world, from New York City to Fiji, Vermont to Costa Rica, celebrating moments that mattered in our clients' lives.

I started Jubilee Events with NO experience, NO contacts, and none of the training or support that’s available in my business coaching programs. Even so, I signed high-end clients from the very start of my business and produced events in excess of $1,000,000.

When I opened my first business in 2007, I was an unlikely entrepreneur. Seriously, I had no idea what I was doing.

But just like you, I had big dreams and the determination to make what I wanted happen. I went on to write and publish two books, get featured in countless publications, and build a team that supported my business - while I moved to Barbados and married the man of my dreams.

I know what it takes to run a successful wedding industry business. I've been in the trenches, where you've been. I've bustled hundreds of dresses, laid down linens, kept the crazy under control, and busted my ass to build a successful business I was proud of.

These days, I get to support wedding industry pros like you–sharing all my secrets of how to start, build, scale, and grow a business.

Top: Me at a book signing. Left, tropical AF brand shoot. Right: Speaking at engage with my biz bestie Beth Chapman

I believe you shouldn't have to do business (or happy hour) alone–and as long as I'm around, y0u'll never have to.

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Candice is your new tell it like it is business BFF. She's been in the wedding industry since '07. After selling her successful planning biz, she now mentors women in the wedding industry. She loves housewives, skincare, and cocktails.

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