The Strategic Client Offboarding Framework


How you say goodbye to your customer matters–and your off boarding process is just as important as your onboarding process. Inside this guide, learn my framework for saying goodbye to your clients with intention and strategy that will leave them wanting to work with you again–and referring all their friends.

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The easiest way to gain new clients is to work with past customers (or their friends).

But in order to do that, we need to make sure you offer a stellar (and strategic) goodbye experience.

If you feel like you just “disappear” after the wedding and never really talk to your clients again… this Playbook will help you create a better offboarding process.

If you lack client feedback or testimonials, this Playbook will solve that problem. And if you’re scared as hell to get client feedback, this Playbook will help build your confidence to ask the hard questions.

By the end of this Playbook you will:

  • Create an intention offboarding process for your business
  • Be more comfortable asking for testimonials and feedback
  • Gain valuable insights from your past clients you can use to market and improve your business
  • Develop an opportunity to create legacy clients
  • Feel confident in how you say goodbye to your customers


"As someone who felt like I had my process down, it’s evident there’s always room for improvement and I LOVE learning from you!!! "


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